What do I have to consider if I want to have my dog looked after?

Do you want to entrust your four-legged best friend to a caring dog sitter? Before doing so, there are some important things to consider. Read on to find out what these are.

Which laws and regulations apply to my dog?


As a dog owner, you are responsible for your dog and must pay for any damage it may cause. If your dog bites someone or another animal, you are liable as its owner.

Different federal states and towns may have different regulations for dog owners. In most federal states, it is mandatory to take out dog liability insurance for your dog, for example. It is best to find out which regulations and laws apply in your federal state before getting a dog.

There is also a dog tax for your dog. If you own a certain type of dog, you may be exempt from this tax or entitled to a reduction.

Who is liable while your dog is in the care of a pet sitter?


If your dog causes any injuries or damage while in the care of your dog sitter, they will be liable if you don’t have dog liability insurance. Therefore, dog liability insurance is often a prerequisite for entrusting your dog to a dog sitter or kennels.

Which insurance do I need for my dog?


With one exception, it is basically up to you to decide which insurance is best for you and your dog. Three types of insurance are detailed below.

Dog liability insurance – essential

In some federal states, you are required to have dog liability insurance. This may only apply to certain breeds of dog. Contact your local council to find out whether you are required to have dog liability insurance.

Even if you are not legally required to do so, we recommend taking out dog liability insurance because this will cover the cost and handle any damage claims if your dog injures someone, for example.

Dog surgery insurance – covers expensive surgery costs

Dog surgery insurance may also be a good idea for your dog. It covers the cost of operations, i.e. procedures under general anaesthetic. Dog surgery insurance protects you against the often extremely expensive cost of operations performed at the vets or animal hospital. When considering the various insurance products, check how much of the surgery cost will be refunded.

Health insurance for dogs – additional protection


If you want to avoid worrying about vet bills for your dog, you can take out comprehensive dog health insurance. You pay a fixed monthly premium and the insurance covers any veterinary treatment costs. Before taking out a policy, find out which treatments are included and whether there are any exclusions.

Is my dog insured while being cared for?


If you use a professional dog sitter, you can assume that your dog is insured because commercial dog sitters need public dog liability insurance to carry out their work. If you entrust your dog to private dog sitters, you will be liable if anything happens. It is therefore advisable to take out dog liability insurance. It is also best to check which special risks are covered by your policy, such as ‘third-party custodian risk’ for friends and acquaintances or walking your dog off the lead, for example.

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