What does a pet sitter cost?

There are various aspects that can affect the price of pet care. Read on to find out how hourly wages are determined for dog, cat and pet sitters.

What is the hourly cost of pet care?

Hourly wages for pet sitters can vary widely. Professional pet sitters usually charge more than private individuals as it is their main job, and they pay for their own social security, pension, etc.

Here is an overview of how much an hour’s private pet care can cost:

Cost per hour
Individual dog walking service
from € 7
Shared dog walking service
from € 5
Mobile pet care in your home
from € 10

If your pet sitter lives fairly close to you, there will often be no need to pay travel expenses. Despite this, it is best to ask in advance whether your pet sitter will charge you for their travel expenses and if so, how much.

Would you also like your pet sitter to collect your mail or water your plants, for example, while caring for your pet? Ask whether these additional services are included in the price or cost extra.


The prices may also depend on the region in which you live. It is therefore best to get a personal overview of the hourly wages for pet sitters in your area:

Finding a pet sitter

What additional costs may there be?

If you decide to provide your dog or cat with professional pet care, it is best to clarify any of your questions in advance, including the overall cost. As most professional pet sitters are self-employed, they will usually invoice you for the total price. There will be no additional costs to this.

A private pet sitter, on the other hand, often cares for your pets on a part-time basis. They may also be self-employed, in which case you only pay their invoice. However, it may also be necessary for you to employ your pet sitter.

If you would like to know more about employing a pet sitter, all the information is available here: How do I hire a pet sitter?

Finding a pet sitter for every budget

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