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Looking for a catsitter in Villach
9500 Villach Cat
Dear petsitters, I need somebody to look after Lilo, my cat, for a few days. I live in Villach in Austria. Please contact me on social media if you are available (Fb) ! Thank you :)
Looking for a dogsitter/catsitter in Villach
9500 Villach Dog
We are looking for experienced and reliable support for our dogs Moose and Sydney and 3 cats. We are lookin for someone to help when we go out of town or on long work days to help with our zoo. We live in 9500 Villach. Please write me if you are […]
Catsitter in Villach gesucht
9500 Villach Cat
Ich suche jemanden der Katzen ins Herz geschlossen hat, gerne mit Ihnen schmust und ausreichend Zeit hat. (Eventuell auch jemand der keine eigene Wohnung hat und gerne in einer,über einen gewissen Zeitraum, Schlafen möchte) Da ich im September […]
Dog & cat
9500 Villach Dog
I am looking for someone to look for my dog and cta while we are away. Dor is a femal english bulldog sterilized (Fifi) and the cat is a 7,5kg sterilized male cat (Grigore)
9500 Villach Cat
Hi, I have two cats - Petja and Masha. I need someone to feed them and clean their toilet for couple of days: 31.01 and 01.02.
Looking for reliable, regular cat sitter
9500 Villach Cat
Hi My name is Leanne and I have recently moved to the area with my partner. We have two cats and would like to have someone we trust to look after them when we are out of town. We would be looking for someone to pop in to our house to feed them […]
Illy vacation
9500 Villach Dog
From the 26th of august to the 31h of August I will be on holiday. i need a person who takes care of my dog in his/her own. If someone is available, please contact me. Regards, Micaela

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