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Hello Pet Owners!!

My name is Stephanie. I am originally from Mexico and have been living in Austria for 2 years. I am studying German to start a Bachelor at the University of Vienna and im looking for a job for August .

Since always there were animals in my house, we had 2 cat, 1 fish, 2 turtles and 6 dogs. From my childhood my parents taught me the patience and responsibility of having a pet and im aware of the challenges that having one involves.

At the moment i take care of an old 14 year old dog, by taking him out one time per day, 3 times peer week and feeding him while the owners are away.

I love playing with dogs, taking them for a walk to the park or walking on the river with them, I have always had a good response with pets because I have a loving character and always make sure they are in a stress free environment.

I would love to be the person you trust while being away to take care of your pets and i assure you i will treat them as if they were mine.

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