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Looking for a catsitter in Linz
4030 Linz Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 4030 Linz with our cat Stilton. Are you interested in helping me with cat care? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Need a pet sitter for two of my cats
4040 Linz Cat
I have two cats who are very sociable but sometimes I need to go on a business trip, or visit my relatives, or simply have some rest outside Austria. I am looking for a pet sitter who can look after my cats when I am away. Ideally, I would like […]
4020 Linz Cat
Hi! I have a ginger cat called Leia and sometimes I travel on the weekends. I dont like her to be alone the whole weekend, so I am looking for someone who can pass by just to have a look at her, clean the litter box and check on the food and water […]
Hosting a cat
4020 Linz Cat
I need someone to host my cat for 1 night as I'm having construction work done in the apartment the following day.
Kitty sitting temporary
4020 Linz Cat
Hello! We are looking someone that can come and check our cat, while we are out of town. The cat is very friendly and peaceful, we only need someone to come for about an hour one or two days and change her water and clean her toilet. The […]

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