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Mögliche zu betreuende Tierarten
  • Hunde
  • Katzen

Persönliche Beschreibung

Hi everyone!
I am a MA student in Vienna that loves pets very much! I’m not going to say that all pets always love me but I can assure you that I am really respectful with their space and I have a lot of patience. Although not having professional experience, I attended to several workshops about dog training in order to train my own dog and I can say I had a good result. As a consequence I’m able to deal with dogs that jump on people and with dogs that like to play and spend a lot of their energy running. So agitated dogs are not an issue to me.
On my private life I had experience with cats as well.
I am searching for a job as a petwalker or petsitter because I miss my pet very much (he stayed with my parents in Brazil) and I would love to spend some time taking care of other animals.
Please contact me if you enjoyed my profile :)

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