5020 Salzburg
Is looking for: Dogs • Cats • Birds • Fish • Reptiles • Small mammals • others

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I’m Georgia, I’m from the UK and I am a total animal lover.
I’ve been looking after animals all my life. Growing up, our house was always full of pets. We had all different animals including a dog, cats, fish, birds, and rodents.
Back in the UK I worked regularly as a dog and cat sitter while studying. When I was traveling, I worked often with animals (volunteering). In Salzburg I have been looking after a young Labrador and a very old poodle.
With my other job I work evenings so I always have a lot of free time in the day to take care of pets. I can also pet sit when the owners are away, which I have done often in the past.
The hourly rate I have on here isn’t really correct. It all depends on weather it’s an hour (for dogging walking for example), taking care of an animal for longer during the day, or taking care of an animal 24/7 while the owner is on holiday. However it is, we can agree on something.
So please, send me a message and we can meet!

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