5020 Salzburg
Is looking for: Cats • Fish • Small mammals • others

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3 years
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Hi, my name is Maris, I’m Brazilian/Italian and it’s been a year now that I live in Austria. During this time i’ve been taking care of pets for friends but just recently i found out this website, and I would love to take care of your pets on my free time as well!
Growing up I had cats, dogs, hamsters, fish and a bunny.. I still have one dog and two cats back home whom i really missed it… I was also a volunteer back home on a local animal rescue ngo. Regarding special care i would only have expirience with my oldest cat, who got severlly traumatized after getting hit by a car and need a special diet, creams and pills, he is really old now but he’s doing great! :)
Also on the past few years i had the opportunity to work with a few farm animals too, such as ducks and quails, and it was wonderful to learn how to take care of them and their needs.

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