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Betreut: Hunde • Katzen • Vögel • Fische • Kleine Säugetiere • Andere

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2 Jahre
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Persönliche Beschreibung

Hi everyone :)
The most important thing you have to know is that I deeply love animals. I love the simple joy they give you, how uncomplicated and loving they are. My whole life I was one way or another around pets, although I lived in a city I would go every single summer to visit my grandmother living in the village with all kinds of animals I had to take care of: dogs, cats, chickens, goats, sheep etc.
My best friend has a dog so I would often take her for a walk,
feed her and take care of her (the dog, Lucy, obviously- not my friend).
Also, this summer I spend a month in Iceland working on a farm where I was taking care of three fantastic dogs (Boi, Tito and Emma) they were all different ages: Boi was 3 years old, Tito 7 and Emma was a 7-month-old puppy. My tasks would be to feed them, take them for walks, play around etc.
So although I don’t have any experience being a professional dog walker I do have experience with being around animals.
Apart from pet sitting I am also willing to do different daily tasks, whatever the need would be. I am optimistic, caring and responsible- I’ve been living and taking care of myself for couple years now. I have experience with all different kinds of jobs (working in a restaurant, in a hostel, on a farm, teaching English, babysitting, writing to newspaper, doing translations…). So even if I don’t have that much experience in pet sitting I can compensate my lack of experience with eagerness to learn.
Hope you will give me a chance :)

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