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Persönliche Beschreibung

First of all, I love animals and especially dogs. The best creatures in this entire world! I had a dog myself Yorkshire Terrier for 8 years, until she passed away because of cancer. This is why I can not have a dog myself, cause I can not imagine having other dog than her, but I love hanging out with other dogs. My mom has a Labrador Retriever and Chorkie. When I am with them, you can not force me to not spend time with them. I also was hired to walk and take care of the dog 4 times per week West Highland White Terrier for 3 month. I think the best thing you can do as a dog sitter/walker is genuinely love an animal as they feel your intentions , know your routine (what do they eat, how much, not allowed) and be cautious during walks (i mean danger).

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