1180 Vienna

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I am a huge animal lover, especially dogs! I have a BSc (Hons) in Zoology so I have a well rounded background regarding all things animal! Also just completed my MSc Biology degree. I have always kept dogs as pets at home in the UK since I was a child before moving to Vienna last year. I have dog-sitting/ walking experience with very large dogs (Hovawarts/ Mastiffs) to the very small (Pugs/ Bull Dogs). I have experience in dogs with separation anxiety as my parents dog in the UK has suffered with it since she was a puppy, as well as dogs who may be hard to manage on a leash. I live in 1180 so lots of green space and I have an already approved dog friendly apartment! If you would like someone loyal, reliable, loving and kind then please contact me and we can discuss any queries you may have. I offer dog walking daily or when required as well as all day pet care and vacation cover too. Although I am still learning German, I am familiar with basic dog commands in German as I have walked dogs in Vienna previously with German speaking owners so language will hopefully not be too much of a problem! Thank you for taking time to read a little about me and I welcome any questions you may have.

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